Here is just a little sneak peek from the Etimos Wedding!

Tucked away down the country roads of Petaluma is this beautiful property, perfect for a rustic country wedding.  It’s really perfect for any version of rustic you want to make it.  But for this Country Girl it was all sunflowers and beer baby!  I can’t even begin to describe the amount of fun I had […]

Kids are funny. They have this spirit about them. No matter what, they are each individuals. So watching kids together during my sessions can sometimes be one of my very favorite things to do… like ever. I love to watch their bond. It’s hard to put to words, it’s something you just see in their […]

I LOVE to capture genuine people!  This wedding did not dissapoint!  I tend to just fall in love with my clients.  I like to think it’s not in an akward way, but hey yolo right?  But seriously Nicole might be my solemate, my sister from another mister (although her dad’s height may lead you to […]

Before I begin this post that no doubt many Teachers will be reading…. I write this blog how I speak so just a warning to your inner red correction pen.  It’s also been a long decade or two since AP English so things maybe capitalized that shouldn’t, some things won’t be capitalized though it should.  […]