A Princess Party for my Princess {princess birthday party, princess party theme, 2 year birthday party}

My precious baby turned 2 on Saturday.  She has grown so much over these past 2 years.  Especially this last year.  She has developed this electrifying personality.  She is naturally such a girly girl.  She LOVES princesses. (among many other things) I swore I’d never throw a cheesy princess party for my daughter.  I always thought “how cliche” so obvious, I’ll do something much more unique.  Well when your daughter is obsessed with Princesses like mine is, you can’t possibly do something other than that!  She is so wonderful and such the light of my life (her and her brother) that I just want to give her everything and anything.

Since I already knew that my Wedding Season would be in full force during her Birthday I knew I needed to start the planning early so I’ve been doing little things here and there for months to get ready.  But honestly I couldn’t have done it with out my wonderful Husband, Mother in Law, Mother, and Godmother, Carolyn. My Mom made the snow white cake at home in LA and flew with it as her carry on!!!!  it made it perfectly, then she put it in her rental car and the poor cake didn’t survive the bumpy car ride from Oakland to Petaluma!  But my Mom was still able to get it on the cake stand but it was a little jumbled around, I still think it was beautiful!!!

When I had Aidan I took his photo all the time and made him all sorts of memory books with all the photos.  He probably has 4 or 5 books.  Isabella, not so much.  Not only did we move across the state when she was 6 weeks old but I was overwhelmed having two kids under the age of 2 and adding my nice DSLR camera into the mix was an impossible thought for me.  So all she got was snap shots with my iphone.  Honestly the only reason I got an iphone was so I could get decent photos of her!  So I finally finished an album idea I had for her last year but just didn’t get around to finishing.  I put together a book of images from birth until 2 years old.  I left space on several of the pages so friends and family can write her notes, messages, words of encouragement, or advice.  Somethign she can look back on when she is older.  I also asked Stephanie, Kennedy’s Mom to write a little something in there for her to tell her where she got her middle name from.  I  figured it would be better told by Kennedy’s Mom and I’m so thankful Stephanie wrote it for her!  So here are the page spreads but they are hard to show online since they don’t have my stamp on them in the book but they have the stamp on them since it’s going online so just ignor that part 😉 it’s also very important to not that not all the photos below that are included in this book were taken by me! This part below is a personal share, not a professional post.  The photos below were taken by me, my Mother in Law, my Mom, Meghan Wiesman Photography, Jihan Cerda Photography, my Husband and I’m sure others that I’m forgetting! The sad part is a HUGE majority of the first half of the book was all taken on my iphone!

A special thank you to all the wonderful people who made so many of the adorable items at this party:

Cupcakes and cake jars: Your Sweet Expectations the BEST CAKE BAKER IN SONOMA COUNTY HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!

Cupcake Toppers: Sweet Design Studio on Etsy.com

Banners, princess wands, confetti, and centerpieces: Piepers Timeless Memories on Etsy.com

Isabella’s Snow White Dress: Frida’s Closet on etsy.com

Photo Stickers on the top of the cake jars: Kanga Crafts (one of my very favorites I use her for all sorts of party decor for several years) on etsy.com

Table Linens and children’s table: Big 4 Party Rental in Rohnert Park

The Push Pops: Your’s Truly 😉  those were chewy homemade oatmeal cookies with peanut butter frosting

The Favor Bags and noise makers: Booptey Lu on etsy.com

The canopy for Isabella’s chair was from her old crib!  so I pulled that out of the closet but I think I originally got it on Amazon.com