Happy 5 Year Anniversary to the love of my life!

My Husband and I have a really funny love story.  It’s not the typical “love at first sight” gushy romantic story!  In fact we really did not like each other at first.  I was indifferent but he really hated me ha ha ha.  Many reasons why, too much to tell in a blog post! But we worked together and really just didn’t get along.  It’s really funny how everyone we worked with used to say “You fight like an old married couple.”  I remember telling someone “I would NEVER marry him EVER!”  and I know he was thinking the same thing.  Fast forward a couple years later over a couple dirty martinis (by a couple I mean like a lot) we hashed out every reason we disliked each other.  We spent hours yelling at each other spouting out every issue we have ever had.  Ben is a major note taker.  So he was scribbling notes on bar napkins!!  We still have them!  Through that we some how uncovered an undeniable spark.  We quickly fell head over heals in love and never looked back.  We often look at each other and just laugh.  It’s sometimes unbelievable that we are together.  The best part is for whatever reason, we used to fight like an old married couple but ever since we have been together we hardly fight at all.  We are such an incredible team.  I played sports my whole life and am very familiar with a team atmosphere but never in my life have I ever been apart of a team as tight knit and effortless as ours.  I often feel like the luckiest girl in the world.  7 years ago had you handed us a crystal ball and said we would be married we both would have laughed hysterically and told you to get your head checked!  In fact I am certain that when Ben and I told most people we worked with that we were dating they laughed hysterically assuming it was a joke!  People always say your dream Man/Woman are often right in front of your eyes, you just have to be open to seeing them.  I feel like that is what happened.  Once we opened ourselves up and figured out what was causing the animosity we really SAW each other.  From that moment on we couldn’t pull away from each other!

Ben is so supportive, loving, and loyal.  He supports me when I need it and kicks me in the butt when I need it (and I often need a good a$$ kicking).  He pushes me to be a better Mother and a better Woman every day.  He gives me the room to make my own choices, but the security to feel like I can never really fail.

We surprisingly found out we were expecting a child early on in our relationship so we gathered our families and went down to the courthouse and committed to each other for all eternity.  We both shared a dream of having a “real” wedding and told ourselves that we would do a vow renewal at our 5 year anniversary and we would celebrate with a “real” wedding.  It’s crazy to me that this is that year.  5 years seemed like an eternity when we first said it!  and now here we are!  It’s crazy how a period of time can feel like 5 seconds and a thousand years all at once !!  It is crazy it came so fast but it also feels like we have been together our whole lives.  I’ve never been so happy in my life.  We have gone through so many crazy tough things through these 5 years and yet somehow we managed to get through them and remain blissfully happy.  So 5 years ago today we walked down to the courthouse and made the best decision of our lives.  We will later celebrate it (in early September) with the wedding of our dreams and we are both so excited for that!

If you ever want a peak into our life watch Modern Family (a show on ABC) although there are a few slight differences I SWEAR Phil reminds me of Ben sooooo much and anyone who knows me knows that Claire pretty much fits me to a T (sad to say) We fight like them and we are a team like them.  It’s pretty funny to watch the show together because sometimes we swear they have us on candid camera and then act it out on the show!!!

I tried to find some photos of us together and quickly realized that 99% of our photos are from my iPhone!  So please excuse the HORRIBLE photo quality!  But I want to share with you just a little snippet of what life is like married to the most amazing Husband in the world!  As you can imagine I have THOUSANDS of photos so it was really hard to just pick a few to represent our 5 years so honestly this doesn’t even do it justice but this was all I could find in the small window of time I had until my kids started to turn my house upside down!

these are some of the notes Ben took that night! I was apart of the conversation and I still couldn’t tell you what any of those notes means!!  LOL

surprise!  we are having a baby!


He will do anything for his kids!   Isabella wanted Daddy to wear purple sticky earrings to match her pink ones!


Luckily my kids are getting older and it’s becoming easier to bring my camera around so hopefully the future anniversary posts will be filled with better quality images LOL!  but regardless of all of that….  I am so fortunate to have the most amazing husband in the world!  This has been literally the best 5 years of my life and I can’t wait for a hundred more!!!!  xoxoxo I love you Ben!  With all of my heart and then some!



*** thank you to Rochelle Axe for taking our very first family photo, a collection of images that will forever be very dear to our hearts!  and thank you to Meghan Wiesman for taking our first family of 4 photo!!  and to Jihan Cerda for the most recent photos above!  Thanks to you guys I actually have good photos to show of my family!  Every family photo you guys have all taken for us is so special to me thank you!!! xoxoxo