Feb 20, 2013

Jessica and Mikes Russian River Vineyards Wedding {Russian River Vineyards Wedding Photos}

I think I fell in love with Jessica the second I met her so I can only imagine how Mike felt when he met her.  She is so sweet! and when I later met Mike during their engagement session I immediately liked him!  Such an easy going guy, it was so obvious how much he loved Jes.  But it wasn’t until the day of the wedding until I really got to see who Mike really was.  Such a genuine guy! Him and Jessica are simply perfect for each other!  I can not wait to watch them through the years (thank you Facebook for your stalker enabeling ways)

Of course this wedding was simply gorgeous filled with tons of details, beautiful fun people, so I took FAR TOO MANY photos!  and had a really hard time narrowing them down for this blog post (are you shocked???  doubt it!)

are you done drooling????  cuz I’m not!!!  I was so excited when Jessica told me she was doing a broach bouquet, but I was floored when I saw it!  She exceeded my expectations!!!  It was simply beautiful!

You will see these shoes a lot through out this post!  You know me!!  I’m a sucker for a great pair of heels!  I think subconsciously it’s me wishing I could rock them with out the fear of being 6’3″!!!

Seriously these little ladies were so adorable!  Such wonderful, well mannered young girls!  A real joy to work with!!!

I love this because well first because Jessica and Mike LOVE their dog!  Like seriously LOVE their dog.  Secondly I love this because Jessica’s Mom told me she had a photo taken at her wedding with her dog.  I just wish I was able to get my hands on that photo!!!

Seriously? ya this just isn’t fair!  These ladies are all GORGEOUS every last one of them!  and they were all so much fun to work with!

I love this family, I really really do!  It was so touching to watch them all day long.  It was really an honor.  I think it’s families like Jes’ and Mike’s that remind me why I have such a passion for weddings.  Mike has 3 brothers and the most wonderful, sweet Mother.  She raised 4 boys!!!!!!  But the thing about these 4 boys is they are all unique but yet still bonded to each other.  I’ve never been to a wedding where every single brother of the groom asked for their own photo with the bride.  It’s like they each just loved Jes so much they wanted to take a photo with her.  I know that seems like not a big deal but it’s just a sweet thing.  Each of Mike’s brothers got teary eyed at the ceremony.  Especially watching her walk down the aisle.  I just think that shows how much love and support they have for their brother.  Very touching to me.  It was one of my favorite moments of the entire day when Mike’s Mom saw Jessica coming through the vineyards and up the aisle, she was so excited to see her she stepped out so she could get a better look and then immediately stepped back and towards her son and looked right at him with such admiration.  I don’t think it was admiration for how beautiful Jes looked (cuz holly heck she looked like a vision of beauty walking toward us) but I think it was her just simply stopping in that moment and admiring how wonderful it was for her to be witnessing her son in this special moment.  I also loved watching his best man place his hand on Mike’s shoulder.  No words exchanged just a simple gesture of support.  I’ve captured hundreds of weddings now and you would really be surprised, there are several that don’t have a lot of emotion.  They just go through the motions, the couple being the only ones sharing in the emotional side of the day, while everyone else just robotically participate.  So it’s people like these that really make me appreciate what I get to do for a living.

How cute is she???  They gave the girls grapes to keep them happy so they could make it down the long long aisle.  Kayden just kept eating the grapes and then she started playing with Jessica’s Grandpa in the first row.  She was throwing rose petals at him and playing games through the ceremony, it was so so cute to watch!  She is so full of personality!  Such a cutie!

The cutest idea ever!  A newborn baby boy with a tux bib and sock as the ring bearer!!!!!!!  LOVE IT!

Their vows had me laughing!  Mike had stipulations!!  It was so so funny!  Showed a lot of personality and you know how much I love personality!!

Told you she was awesome! Just look at how cute they all are together!  She was so funny, I was taking  a shot of the 4 boys together.  You know getting that nice Manly shot of 4 handsome men together.  Then she whispers to me “you’re gonna get a silly one right? I love when my boys are silly, reminds me of when they were kids”  SO sure enough all I had to say was Mom want’s a silly shot and it took no time for them to get right down to their silly selves!

Hi we all just stepped out of a catalog and are ready to model for a bridal magazine!

I love that Jessica had shoes for each part of the wedding.  The ceremony site was really rocky on rough dirt and dry grass out in the middle of the vineyard so she needed flats.  But the rest of the day was on the concrete so she was able to switch back and forth between her gorgeous heels and these adorable glittery flats.  Both in the same color!

Oh Mike!

Ok seriously??  so adorable I sincerely hope my Son even just loves me half as much as these 4 boys love their Mother!  They all cut in on the Son and Mother dance!  I loved that!  They each wanted a chance to dance with their Mom so they let Mike have the first half of the song and then the other 3 boys took turns after.  Just so sweet!  so so sweet!

My favorite time of the day is my “bonus round” if I get one and I was soooooooooo glad we got one here!  Right after the ceremony when it was time for the “romantics” (that is what I call the shots of the couple) it was just too bright for us to take any really good shots in the vineyards so we headed up to the front of the property and did the shots over there.  Which was great and worked out wonderfully but this vineyard is simply gorgeous and I was really glad that right before the sun was about to set we had a chance to head out there for a quick 5 minutes to get a few really romantic shots in the beautiful golden sun kissed vineyards!

Cake Push Pops baby!!! can’t go wrong with those!!!


My sincerest gratitude to both Jessica and Mike’s families for creating such wonderful children and such a gorgeous day!  Jess and Mike, you guys are awesome and I am so excited to watch your love grow into a family!!  (don’t freak out and start blast texting them they aren’t pregnant I’m just saying for the future!!!  😉  (well unless they are pregnant???? who knows… a photographer can wish right?-I might be just as bad as the parents sometimes!!)

Also a HUGE thank you to Molly Malnati from Molly May Events.  She is a very close friend of Jessica and Mike and she helped design and coordinate the entire day!  She did such an amazing job with everything and really kept everything running smoothly and did it with a smile!


Vendor Info:

Venue: Russian River Vineyards in Forestville, CA

Bride’s Broach Bouquet: hand made by the Bride

Flowers: were done by the Bride and her Mom and Aunt

Coordinator: Molly Malnati of Molly May Events

Dress Designer:Alfred Angelo

Dress Shop: Brides and Maids in Santa Rosa, CA

The Glam Squad:

Darcy’s is ( Bride’s Hair)
Kayla ( BM’s Hair)
Megan is (BM’s Makeup)
Nicole Bird (Bride’s Make Up and MOB make up)



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