Aug 27, 2011

Reception Book {Guestbook Alternatives, creative guestbooks, Wedding Guestbook}

If you’ve been to my home office or seen me at a bridal show then I’m sure you’ve seen this product of mine but I thought I’d share it with the rest of the world as well! =)

Often I take a series of engagement photos, sometimes I get a small handful of favorites and other times I go crazy and I end up with hundreds! There are many things that factor into the outcome of the shoot. Location, the couple, creative inspirations leading up to the shoot, etc…. Sometimes I think the couple and I get so wrapped up in having fun that I forget how many images I’ve already taken and I’m just off in my own head going to the next pose or idea! But what do you do with 200 or more engagement images??? You aren’t going to fill up your wall with them because you know in a few short months you will have a thousand or more wedding images!

This is where the Reception Book comes in! It’s a creative way to replace your standard guestbook (the one that everyone just signs their name on a line). This is a 10×10 book with 10 lay flat,matte finished pages with anywhere from 40-90 images from the engagement session strategically placed on the pages to allow for messages and signatures from your friends and family.

You’re never going to keep every wedding card you receive, or will you ever be inspired to open that plain guestbook when you know all that is in there is people’s signatures. So with this book you will have a way to save all of the wonderful messages and words of advice from your friends and family AND you will have a way to show off and revisit your engagement session. The matte pages are wonderful because all you need is an ultra fine permanent marker and your guests can write freely with out worrying about smudging like they would on a photo-finished type page.

I start with a few standard questions along some of the pages such as “What advice do you have for us?” “How do we keep our marriage going strong?” “what are some good date night ideas?” things like that. But everything is completely customizable so I can swap out any of those questions for ones you guys might have that fits your family and friends a little better!

The 10 spreads make room for anywhere from 100-125 signatures. Extra spreads can be added for as little as $15 a spread! Well enough of me rambling on…. here are some pictures of Chris and Becky’s Reception Book that I just got in the other day!

***ATTENTION PAST BRIDES AND GROOMS: Take some pictures of your reception book with signatures in it and post them on my facebook page… share the love!!! =)






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