Bon Voyage to Mr. and Mrs. Murphy!

My dear friend Kelsey and her amazing Husband Collin are embarking on the trip of a lifetime.  It’s something I think most of us only dream we did before we had kids!  They have decided to go on a trip to Europe and various other amazing places.  They have decided to spend the next 6 months traveling abroad as a newly wed couple!  Yes you read that right, 6 months!  They saved and saved and planned and planned and are really doing it!  I honestly can’t express how much admiration I have for the two of them.  I think it is going to be the most amazing 6 months and when they return they will be so thankful they put all this work into making this trip possible!

I am really going to miss them though!  I know they don’t leave for a couple more weeks but I thought I would post up a few photos from their amazing wedding this past April!  It’s sort of a bon voyage and a happy early anniversary (since they will be traveling during their 1st anniversary)

So take a little glance back at this beautiful wedding again and join me as we wish them a wonderful trip filled with amazing memories to last them an eternity!


I had such a hard time selecting just a small few images to share for this post because there were thousands of amazing moments!!!!  and my good friend Meghan (of Meghan Wiesman Photography in Southern California) joined me as we shot this as a team.  When Meghan and I shoot together its just dangerous!  We have so much fun and we just work so well as a creative photography duo!  So that made it even harder to select just a few images!!  But if you want to see the full blog post from earlier this year check it out here.