Nov 13, 2015

Every once and a while a family really touches my heart…. I LOVE my job

Kids are funny. They have this spirit about them. No matter what, they are each individuals. So watching kids together during my sessions can sometimes be one of my very favorite things to do… like ever. I love to watch their bond. It’s hard to put to words, it’s something you just see in their mannerisms and just something you feel when you watch them. Some siblings have it and some don’t. It’s actually more rare than I think we expect. Or perhaps I’m just fortunate to get the chance every once in a while to see a truly magical bond that puts it in perspective. I have so many words but none of them seem to be just right to describe these 4. I’ve re written this probably a hundred times. I’m not sure how you teach children compassion. But I think that sometimes kids teach us that some people don’t need compassion. They just need to be understood and loved. Each of these kids were pretty spectacular. Sarah, HOLY WORD she is CUTE like crazy cute. I had 12 personality dripping photos of her that I couldn’t choose from. Sophia, she is smart, you can tell just by watching her. She loves deeply but has a spunk about her. She may end up being the protector of the whole bunch. I pity the first girl Sam brings home. Then there is Sam, who by all theories should be annoyed at the world at age 11 that he has 3 sisters that completely just steel every ounce of attention anyone has to give. But he isn’t annoyed or at least he doesn’t act as such. He is respectful and so sweet. He has a quiet, charismatic way about steeling your attention. Then there is Sadie. The girl who stole my heart last year with the warmest hugs imaginable. She hugs you and somehow pours her love into it like you’ve never experienced. It makes time stop. She seriously makes me sincerely wish I had down syndrom. Truely. She is one of the happiest, joyous, people I’ve ever met. I would give anything to have that kind of happiness.

There were just too many photos on this sneak peek to flood facebook with so I thought I would actually post on my blog for once this month!





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