Sep 12, 2014

Sarah and Dennis got Maui'd {destination wedding photographer, Maui wedding photographer, olowalu plantation house wedding}

Sarah was a bridesmaid in one of my weddings and we instantly connected because her last name and my maiden name are the same!  And it’s not like Metzger is that common of a name!!!  When she got engaged and told me they were going to get married in Maui AAANNNDDD that they wanted me to come out there to shoot the wedding I was floored!  It was such a fun trip.  Their family and friends were so amazing.  Talk about a beautiful location for a wedding!  They chose a Wednesday to help guests save on money (which is brilliant by the way) and thankfully they did because you remember that DOUBLE hurricane you know those TWO (not just one) TWO hurricanes that hit Maui this last Summer, ya that happened THURSDAY!!!  It was a gorgeous day Wednesday and you couldn’t even tell that we were about to get two major hurricanes the very next day!  Talk about great timing!!!

2015-03-12_00012015-03-12_00022015-03-12_00032015-03-12_00042015-03-12_00052015-03-12_00062015-03-12_0007Sarah’s older Brother passed away just before the wedding so it was very hard for the entire family.  It was a very unexpected loss.  His daughter wears a necklace with some of her Father’s ashes inside of it to keep him with her at all times.  So I thought it would be nice to take a shot that Sarah could have forever to symbolize her Brother’s presence at the wedding.  2015-03-12_00082015-03-12_00092015-03-12_00102015-03-12_00112015-03-12_00122015-03-12_00132015-03-12_00142015-03-12_00152015-03-12_0016Because you can take the girl out of wine country but you can’t take the wine away from the girl!  2015-03-12_00172015-03-12_00182015-03-12_00192015-03-12_00202015-03-12_00212015-03-12_00222015-03-12_00232015-03-12_00242015-03-12_00252015-03-12_00262015-03-12_00272015-03-12_00282015-03-12_00292015-03-12_00302015-03-12_00312015-03-12_00322015-03-12_00332015-03-12_00342015-03-12_00352015-03-12_00362015-03-12_00372015-03-12_00382015-03-12_00392015-03-12_00402015-03-12_00412015-03-12_00422015-03-12_00432015-03-12_00442015-03-12_00452015-03-12_00462015-03-12_00472015-03-12_00482015-03-12_00492015-03-12_00502015-03-12_00512015-03-12_00522015-03-12_00532015-03-12_00542015-03-12_00552015-03-12_00562015-03-12_00572015-03-12_0058best way to clean your dirty wedding dress is in the ocean’s of Maui!2015-03-12_0059



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