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Oct 1, 2015

Before I begin this post that no doubt many Teachers will be reading…. I write this blog how I speak so just a warning to your inner red correction pen.  It’s also been a long decade or two since AP English so things maybe capitalized that shouldn’t, some things won’t be capitalized though it should.  […]

Aug 31, 2015

I was honored to capture the dedication to a new area at our Elementry School today.  There were lots of photos and a couple videos so I wasn’t sure how to best display them both together since Facebook doesn’t really let you mix photos with your video I thought writing a little blog post might […]

May 5, 2015

Since day one when I started this business I always said I would always respond to my clients personally, I would never use template emails, and I would always be in control of everything to ensure the highest quality of customer service to my clients.  I eventually learned that I couldn’t do it all by […]

Nov 20, 2014

Come join me on January 25, 2015 for a Teaching Series on Pricing.  I’d love to show you how to build yourself a profitable business that will allow you to quit your job, provide for your family, and stop working for free!  Many of the biggest mistakes I ever made as a photographer while building […]

Aug 8, 2014

As I am sitting here with my family trapped inside due to Hurricane Iselle I thought I would get a better sneak peek done to share with everyone else who is also stuck in their resorts.  My laptop is so small so I am hoping they look good on the other side!!  I will post […]