Engagement Session – Nicole + Matt {Sonoma County Wedding Photographer}


Ok I have trespassed many many many abandoned lots, barns, or any other super cool place for nearly every session I’ve ever done…. not sure there are many photographers out there who hasn’t trespassed on a few places (respectfully of course) Well this may have been my ultimate payback! Not only was I called out by the RP police, they ran my and my clients names and backgrounds before they would let us go! OMG! We were dying laughing !!! In 5 years that has never happened lol!!!! Glad I’m not a wanted felon… just a wanted trespasser in Florida (that’s a whole other funny story) and now California!

JY2A0235_WEBWell at least I got one great shot before the Cops shut me down! JY2A0269_WEBJY2A0285-Edit_WEBJY2A0303_WEBJY2A0330-Edit_WEBJY2A0397_WEB