Apr 6, 2012

Someone has a bun in the oven………… {pregnancy announcement photos}

I was about to start this post by saying I got lucky the day I met Niki but realized that statement plus the title of the post may not work out well in my favor!  That’s how rumors get started!!!  So let me start again!…..

I met Niki at a Bridal Show a couple years ago.  She was planning her big day with the love of her life, TJ.  They already had a gorgeous daughter, Camryn.  From the moment I met Niki I knew we would work well together!  Then after her and TJs engagement session I knew the wedding was going to be one of my favorites!  …and boy was I right!!!  I was then given the privileged info that she was only a few weeks pregnant but not telling anyone yet.  That it was a “big surprise”  Well you can’t put a basket of bread infront of a fat woman and expect her not to eat it right???  well you can’t tell me to keep a secret and expect me not to want to blow it and blow it in a big and creative way!  So I asked her if she wanted to reveal her surprise in a fun way.  When she said yes I asked if she’d let me come take a few pictures of Camryn.  All I needed was a play kitchen, a baby apron, and that was it…. weird right?  you’d think someone would ask questions but the thing I love about Niki is she trust me and she is so easy going.  All she said was SURE!  I had a last minute cancellation tonight so I thought I’d seize the opportunity and swing up to Cloverdale to take the pictures!  It worked out perfectly because Niki and TJ had just gone to the doctors and gotten their first sonogram! 

But really in all seriousness I am so happy for you Niki and TJ.  You guys are already awesome parents to Camryn and you are going to make amazing parents to this little baby boy….that’s right, I said it!  I’m predicting it now!!  It’s a boy!!!  (I’m rootin for ya TJ!)  Thanks for always being so great and helping me try out new ideas!!



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