May 8, 2015

Wine Country, Country wedding {Griffith Woods Wedding}

I know I already posted some photos from this wedding last year but what happens in the thick of wedding season is that I don’t get enough time to really go through and select a good summary from the wedding to share.  I usually just select the photos I feel the Bride and Groom and their family would like to see while they are waiting for their gallery of images to be finished.  As I am sitting here SUPER excited for the 2015 Wedding season to kick into full force I was thinking of some of my favorite weddings of 2014.  I was really only going to post a couple photos for a little #flashbackfriday post.  But instead I ended up getting lost in the beauty of the Hendrickson Wedding and just HAD to share!

My first impression of Megan and Merlin was that they both had to be the sweetest people ever!  But it was the day of the wedding that really told me the story of who they were both as individuals and as a couple.  Megan has this soft, sweet, loving nature about her.  She is so kind, so almost shy but not, and beautiful beautiful beautiful.  I had such an amazing time with them all day!  Their friends, their family, their vendors, their guests…. everyone was an incredible delight!  (which is rare!  there is usually one or two of “those guys/girls” at every wedding) They had every tiny detail planned and executed to the highest degree!  It was a photographers HEAVEN !

I hope you enjoy a look back at the Hendrickson Wedding like I did this morning…..

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Venue: Griffith Woods Santa Rosa, CA

Florist: Floral Designs by Heather Hendrickson




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