Apr 17, 2012

Nikki and TJ’s images have been featured on The Frosted Petticoat Blog!

There are tons of wedding planning blogs out there.  Thousands in fact!  But I’ve been trying to find ones that I think my couples will connect to and get real value from not just for the wedding but after as well.  The Frosted Petticoat is just that blog!  They feature weddings, engagement sessions, they talk details and tips, and they also feature babies and bellies oh my!  I was thrilled when Sam, the editor said she wanted to feature the creative way Nikki and TJ announced they were having a baby!  Sam sent me an e mail this morning mentioning that she loved my “break the rules” style.  I love it because that is exactly how I think.  I use the “rules” as a guide but I break them to suit my client’s personalities.  I don’t intend to break them just for the sake of breaking them (I’m not the rebel type LOL) but I break them when I think the outcome is something that is creative, fun, refreshing, and something my couples will love to look back at 10, 20,30 years from now.   And I just love how lucky I am to have the best clients in the entire world!  Ones that trust me and are willing to step just a little outside the box to get some fun quirky pictures.  Even though I’m sure many of them catch a few rolled eyes or “I don’t get its”  from their Parents and Grandparents. 

Check out the blog post where The Frosted Petticoat featured Nikki and TJ’s pregnancy announcement!



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